Learn Korean from Scratch - Level 1A

From Korean alphabet Hangeul to speaking Korean in 30 days.

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Course Summary

Welcome to the "Learn Korean from Scratch" course from TOPIK GUIDE.
This course curriculum has been systematically designed to help you learn Korean language in the most effective and efficient way possible.
This course is very different from the typical Korean lessons on YouTube and on many websites. We will not try to make you memorize 100 Korean phrases about different situations and make you assume that you have learned the language.

Memorizing sentences and words is not learning a language. Learning a language means having the skills to recall the words and grammar from your memory and frame meaningful expressions to communicate as required in different situation. And, that's what we want to teach you in this course.

We will start from the very basics - the Korean script, learn how to connect characters to make words, then we will learn how to make simple sentences and slowly we will move up to holding conversations in Korean.

I am a non-native myself who started learning Korean from scratch 13 years back. Today I am a qualified Korean language instructor with 3 university degrees in Korean language and linguistics including a Masters from Seoul National University with 'Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language' as my major.

I have passed TOPIK level 6 multiple times, recently just 3 months back (I take this test frequently to keep myself updated with the test trends). In last 10 years I have helped hundreds of Korean language learners learn Korean, pass TOPIK test and achieve their dreams to study or work in Korea.

During this course, the TOPIK GUIDE Team, along with me, will always be there to help you if you feel stuck at any point. See you inside the course. 


We know that language learning is difficult. If anyone is promising you that they will make you learn the language without any serious studying and just by doing some fun activities or memorizing phrases, they are lying. Language learning require serious stying and dedication and there are no shortcuts. Our aim here to teach you Korean as it is supposed to be taught. We do not use fancy jargons and make false promises.
Many Korean language instructors have very good knowledge of Korean language but they don't know how to teach things in a systematic way and order. It's either because they themselves didn't learn the language in a systematic way or because they don't know how to teach a foreign language effectively. And that's the reason most of the learners are not able to go beyond the first few lessons. Most just give up at the alphabet because the teacher is not able to explain the pronunciation changes properly and they feel overwhelmed with so many random rules.  

This course has been designed by an expert who has not only learned Korean from scratch and achieved near native level fluency but also did formal study and research on how to teach Korean as a foreign language. So this course uses tried and tested methods to teach you the concepts of Korean language. Yes, you will have to put in more effort than when learning through "fun" YouTube videos but after a few lessons you will realise that you ar on the right path and you will feel confident that you can learn this language. The concepts have been explained in such a manner that you will not feel, at any point during this course, that you are not able to understand something.

We know that language learning, especially at the beginning stage, requires some extra hand-holding. Therefore we are always just a message or email away from you. If you have any questions during the course, you can leave a message on the lesson page, send an email or message us on Facebook and we will be there to help you.

Though TOPIK test will require some additional and more focused preparation apart from this course but you will definitely be ready to prepare for TOPIK I after this course. If you are interested in taking TOPIK test, you can contact us after you have completed 75% of the course and we will guide you accordingly.

In fact, we wanted to offer it complete free of cost. But after years of teaching online courses, we have realized that people don't put in time and effort if they get some course for free. And we didn't want that for this course. We only want serious learners. That's why we have put a minimal price so that it can filter the not-so-serious learners while not being a barrier for others.

Through we are very confident that you will find the course helpful, we know that people have different learning needs and styles. For any reasons, if you don't like the course, you can just send us a quick mail within 30 days after purchase and we will give you a 100% refund .

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